• Synopsis

    • What goes up, must come down…

      Hareport is a fast paced comedy-action series where all animals – even hippopotamuses – can fly.

      The Hare brothers Ned and Fred can fly too, they just don’t have the grace most others have. They are a menace to the skies and they know it, wild boy Ned especially.

      So they did the next best thing and decide to run an airport.

      Even if it did all start by accident, the brothers now find themselves at the heart of a never-ending parade of flying creatures.

      And major responsibilities.

      But Ned leaves those to Fred so he can concentrate on having a good time and coming up with new initiatives to make the place more fun. Fortunately, Ned and Fred get by with a little help (sometimes a lot) from their friends.

      There’s Cookie, the gossipy, girly squirrel with the warm, welcoming voice; Moppet, an energetic pre-teen stag intern; and Hughes, the wise, affectionate, short-sighted and nearly incomprehensible old wolf.

      Whenever Ned and Fred let things slip too far out of control, this family of friends will do whatever it takes, no matter how desperate, to get the Hareport back on track.

  • Awards

    • Hareport was selected for the 2010 International Chicago Children Film Festival.

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  • Duration

  • 26 x 11'

  • Target Audience

  • 6-11 years

  • Creative Team

  • Directors
    Jan Bultheel
    Fabrice Fouquet

    Executive Producers

    Corinne Kouper
    Viviane Van Fleteren

  • Producer

  • TeamTO/ Filmwerken/ Vivi Film / CAKE Entertainment

  • Production Year

  • 2008

  • Available In

  • SD

  • HD

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