Total Drama Action
Total Drama Action
Total Drama Action
Total Drama Action

Total Drama Action

  • Synopsis

    • Back to reality…

      It’s lights, camera, action in the second series of the acclaimed reality TV animated parody Total Drama.

      Total Drama returns as the hit animated reality TV show transplants 14 survivors from Total Drama Island to an abandoned film studio back lot where each of the week’s challenges are based on famous movie genre.

      The prize this time is one million dollars. Chris and Chef return to count the votes and name the unlucky contestants who must take the walk of shame to the lame-o-sine.

      Who will get the coveted Gilded Chris award and who will have to give their farewell speech? Can Owen win it again? Will Heather pull off an upset? What will happen to Gwen and Trent?

      Want to get caught up in the drama? Awesome! Get ready for the hottest ticket in town.

  • Ratings

    • The Total Drama franchise has seen huge international success, with sales to 189 countries worldwide. These include deals with key broadcasters such as ABC, Canal+, Turner and Cartoon Network across the USA, Latin America, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Japan. 

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  • Duration

  • 26 x 22'

  • 1 x 60' Special

  • Target Audience

  • 8 - 12 years

  • Creative Team

  • Creators and Executive Producers
    Tom McGillis
    Jennifer Pertsch

    Executive Producers

    George Elliott
    Brian Irving

  • Producer

  • Fresh TV Inc.

  • Production Year

  • 2008

  • Available In

  • SD

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