Total Drama World Tour
Total Drama World Tour
Total Drama World Tour
Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama World Tour

  • Synopsis

    • Just when you thought the drama couldn’t get any more dramatic…

      It’s showtime as the third series of the acclaimed reality TV animated parody goes musical.

      The world’s most exciting, animated reality show is back for another series of complete madness.

      And this time, they are taking it on the road.

      Follow your favourite Total Drama contestants as they chase each other around the globe in trademark painful, scary and embarrassing challenges that push their tiny brains to the limit.

      And if they fail, they must face the 35,000ft Plunge of Shame! Talk about dropping out of the game!

      Oh, and there might be the odd musical interlude too… so jump on board the Total Drama jumbo Jet, admire the massive picture of Chris on the rudder, and sit tight and buckle up for the most exciting series yet! No running in the aisles.

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  • Duration

  • 26 x 22'

  • Target Audience

  • 8 - 12 years

  • Creative Team

  • Creators and Executive Producers
    Tom McGillis
    Jennifer Pertsch

    Executive Producers

    George Elliott
    Brian Irving

  • Producer

  • Fresh TV Inc.

  • Production Year

  • 2009

  • Available In

  • SD

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