Total Drama All Stars

Total Drama All Stars

  • Synopsis

    • The world’s first animated reality series – is back!

      Fourteen of the characters you most love and hate return to the island, to compete in some of the most daunting challenges from past seasons... with a special twist. Loves are rekindled, friends are reunited, and hatred blossoms like a rabid, man-eating flower!

      As always each episode ends with one team member being eliminated by their peers, but this year being sent home early is more humiliating than ever; travel is being provided by The Flush Of Shame. Uh huh, it’s a gross as it sounds!

      In an epic battle of good vs. evil, the “Heroic Hamsters” and the “Villainous Vultures” compete in some of the most daunting, dangerous and of course disgusting challenges from seasons past! This promises to be the toughest season ever with spine-tingling twists, explosive challenges and bust-a-gut laughs.

      And the All-Star contestants are: the prettiest girl in the camp Lindsey, ultimate jock Lightning, take-no-prisoners Jo, sweetheart Sam, queen bee Heather, obsessive uber-fan Sierra, Duncan the delinquent, Cameron the bubble boy, type-a Courtney, troublemaker Scott, loner Gwen, small town girl Zoey and multiple personality Mike and a super-secret-surprise contestant that will keep you guessing!

      With the casts’ diverse quirkiness and eccentricities, the contestants are in it to win it at the hand of backstabbing, conniving schemes and even looove!?! 

  • Duration

  • 13 x 22'

  • Target Audience

  • 8 - 12 years

  • Creative Team

  • Creators and Executive Producers

    Tom McGillis

    Jennifer Pertsch

    Executive Producers

    George Elliot

    Brian Irving

  • Producer

  • Fresh TV Inc.

  • Production Year

  • 2013

  • Available In

  • SD

  • HD

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